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Prizes Destellos 2008

Beginning with its activities for the season 2008-2009, the Foundation Destellos is pleased to announce the winners of the first Competition of Electroacoustic Composition, for argentin composers.

  • The prize Destellos: "Viscuap" of the composer Basilio del Boca
  • There were two mentions for the pieces "Intihuatana" by Gabriel Gendin and "Extraño" by Juan Sorrentino respectively.

The jury for Destellos prize was composed by Christian Clozier (France), Jens Hedman (Sweden), Alejandro Viñao (Argentine), Ingrid Drese (Belgium) et Benjamin Thigpen (United States).

  • The Motus prize was given, in ex æquo, to the pieces "Lo inefable" by Maria Cristina Kasem and "Psiclos" by Nicolás Ordiales.

The jury Motus was composed by Denis Dufour and Thomas Brando (France).

There were selected also the pieces "Asedioespurio" by Luciano Giambastiani, "Mythème" by Gustavo Alvaro Garcia Novo, "Germinal" by Pablo Loudet and "Bajo lamento" by Mariano Alfredo Rupil.

Prizes Destellos 2009

The results of the Second Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual-music were:

  • First prize: "Papyrus" by Diana Simpson (United Kingdom)
  • Special prize for Visual-music: "Piano Chimera" by Chikashi Miyama (USA/Japon)
  • There were three mentions for the pieces "Altered materials" by David Hindmarch (UK), "Photogene" by Choi/Kyong Mee (Corea),   "Still voices" by Pete Stollery (UK).

The members of the jury were: Cort Lippe (USA), Robin Minard (Canada), Jonty Harrison (UK), Wilfried Jenztsch (Germany) and Daniel Teruggi (Argentine). All the pieces were judged anonymously.

  • The competition is organized in collaboration with the orgaization Motus of France, which gave a second prize to the piece "Tormenta de campos fértiles " by Fernando Iazzetta (Brazil). The jury Motus was composed by Vincent Laubeuf and Guillaume Contré (France).
There were 76 works entered by 20 different countries. In addition to those awarded prizes and mentions, the following works were pre-selected:

"Prologue" by Jean-Luc Degioanni (France), "Free Association" by Adam Basanta (Canada), "Etude de sons" by Gregorio Gimenez Paya (Spain), "bits" by Leonardo Secco (Uruguay), "2261" by Mario Mary (Argentine),  "Mute, la fabrique du silence" by Fabienne Pôm Bouvier B. (France), "Momento_1" by Nahuel Sauza (Argentine), "Del papel al hecho hay mucho trecho" by Alejandro Albornoz (Chile), "Floraison" by Florent Colautti (France), "Fried rice, curried chips and a diet coke" by Karen Power (Ireland), and "Nachtschatten" by Alexander Schubert (Germany).

Prizes Destellos 2010

The Foundation Destellos is pleased to announce the results of the Third International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual-music.

  • First prize: "Escapade" by Adam Stansbie (UK)
  • Second Prize (Phonos Foundation) "El espejo de Alicia" by Federico Schumacher (CL), and
  • Second Prize (Motus) : "Métal en bouche" by Georges Forget (FR)
  • There were three mentions for the pieces : "Fragot" by Franco Alberto Pellini (AR), "Rouge sang" by Eric Broitmann (FR),  "10-35-70" by Ambrose   Seddon (UK)
  • Special Mention for videos : "Trayecto ø- baby en llamas" by Luciano Giambastiani (AR) and "2BTextures" by Elainie Lillios (USA)

The members of the jury were: Ake Parmerud (Sweden), Horacio Vaggione (Argentine), Elzbieta Sikora (Poland), Andrés Lewin Richter (Spain – Phonos Foundation) and Régis Renouard Larivière (France)

There were 177 works entered by 29 different countries. In addition to those awarded prizes and mentions, the following works were selected:
"Bataille(s)" Laurent Ballester (FR) / "Seeking Druses" Lukas Tobiassen (DE) /  "Hardcore" Christopher Preissing   (USA) / "Turbulent blue" Jon Christopher Nelson (USA) / "Voicing the substance" David Hindmarch (UK) / "Analogia e identidad" Daniel Sergio Cervantes (AR) / "Paisajes Ocultos" Raúl Minsburg (AR)  /      "Bourrasques électriques" Nicolas Bernier (ca) / "Vulgus Veritatis" Carlos Suárez Sánchez (ve) / "Karita Oto" Manuella Blackburn (UK) / "Rarezas" Leonardo Secco (uy) / "Allora, in questo momento" Marco Tentori (it) / "El papel del vidrio" Alejandro Albornoz (CL) / "The movement of the mass" Ofer Pelz (IL) / "Saxyi" Oliver   Carman (UK) / "En spirale" Adolfo Kaplan (CL) /

Prizes Competitions 2011

The Forth International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual-music.

The First Prize was given in ex-æquo to : "Magic" by Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece) and "Golden bowls" by David Hindmarch (United Kingdom).

A Special mention was given to the visual music work "Hors champs" by Adolfo Kaplan (Chile)

Two second prizes given by Motus (France) and Phonos (Spain) to: "Caída, memoria y restitución" by Ezequiel Ezquenazi (Argentine) and   "Dans le ventre de la machine" by Nicolas Bernier (Canada).

A Special mention given by Musiques et Recherches (Belgium), was granted to : "Les lointains noir et rouge" by Gilles Gobeil (Canada).

Were nominated by the Grand Jury the works : "Grand dehors" by Martin Bedard (Canada),   " Reise" by Pei-Yu Shi (Taiwan), "Convergences" by Khosravi/Peiman (United Kingdom/Iran), "Rhizome" by Lautaro Vieyra (Argentine), "ConcertinoTwistedMetal" by Chester Udell (United States), "Ilinx" by Andy Dolphin (United Kingdom), "Playground" by Charles Nichols (United States), "Caja de sueños" by Sergio Santi (Argentine).

The members of the jury were: Annette Vande Gorne (Musiques et Recherches, Belgium), Francis Dhomont (France), Gabriel Brnçic (Phonos, Spain), Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal), Elainie Lillios (United States), Ricardo Mandolini (Argentine) and Vincent Laubeuf (France- Motus). All the pieces were judged anonymously.

There were 96   works entered from 26   different countries. The following works were selected : "Trio" by Gustavo Garcia Novo (Argentine), "Expansion" by Eric Broitann (France), "Gaza" by Guillaume Côté (Canada), "Vineta" by Elke Swoboda (Germany), "+Deepüré" by Franco Piccirilli (Argentine), "Requiem" by Alexander Volodin (Russia), "A Distensão dos Grãos" by Danilo Rossetti (Brasil), "The Footsteps Piece" by Donal Sarsfield (Ireland), "Zobeliana" vidéo musique by José López Montes (Spain), "El sueño de la razón produce monstrous" by Ricardo de Armas (Argentine).

The Foundation is thankful for the disinterested collaboration of the members of the Grand Jury and to the composers Graciela Castillo, Gonzalo Biffarella and Daniel Schachter who collaborated in the task of selection. Also congratulates to all the prizewinners and thanks to all participants for their interest in the competition.

Prizes Competitions 2012

The First Prize was given to "Aporie" by Christian Helm.

Second Prize attributed by Motus organization (France) to "Fragments" by Maxime Corbeil- Perron.

Second Prize to "Bol Hydre" by Gilles Gobeil given by the Foundation Phonos (Spain)

Second Prize to "Outspread" by Visa Kuoppala, given by Musiques et Recherches (Belgium).

Three honorary Mentions were granted to : "Saxophonique" by Govaere Stijn, "Empachado" by Simón Pérez and "Tape" by Guillaume Cliche.


Were Nominated by the Grand Jury the works : "Aukera" by Bjarni Gunnarsson, "The sun warms the memory" by Sam Salem, "Nomos Delta" by Dan Tramte, "Elektronie" by Griselda Labbate, "MintCascade" by Andrew Dolphin, "Pastorale" by Karathanasis, "patha" by Diego Garro (video música), "Irama" by Felipe Otondo, "Noche castellana" by Adolfo Núñez,

"Still i" by Ben Thigpen, "Inert" by Roeland Luyten, "To foglets" by David Arango Valencia


     The members of the jury were: Trevor Wishart (UK), Luigi Ceccarelli (it), Elizabeth Hoffman (UE), Luis Naon (AR-fr), José Manuel Berenguer (Spain), Eric Broitman and Vincent Laubeuf (France). This year the high level of works has made difficult the task of the jury. Otherwise, the visual music pieces presented  sparse interest so there were not distinctions in that category.


     There were 130 works entered by 25 different countries. Have been selected : "Switched on" by Manuella Blackburn, "Sueño lúcido" by Ricardo De Armas, "Granatum" by Nicos Stavropoulos, "Perspectives en tours" by Cirille Arndt, "Vertiges de l'image dos anjos" by Antonio  Sousa Días (video música), "Trozos para el fin de lo mismo" by Federico Barabino, "Concrete GuildV1" by Claudio Eiriz, "Zorn" by Sebastian Peter, "How you know" by Marco Liuni, "Monde Océan" by Christophe Boissiere, "Un dia común" by Nicolás Yozia, "Silica" by Jake Rundall, "Matière contre vide" by Emilie Payeur, "El asadito" by Franco Pellini, "Primtemps 2011" by Gabriel Poulard, "Un ave cae" by Gonzalo Macias - (video música), "Like radio" by Robert Normandeau, "Si loin cet horizon" by Pierre-Axel Izérable, "Etude Hyperñodernisste" by Guillaume Cot, "Invitation à prendre le temps" by Rafael Muñoz Gómez , "(8-8)" by García Berardi (video música) ,"Le point où la voix tournoie" by  Marie-Claire Bernard.


Prizes Competitions 2013

First Prize Category Acousmatic : "El exilio infinito" by Daniel Judkovski (Argentine)

First Prize Mixed Media:"Wunderkind" (for toy piano and electronics) by Timothy Roy (EU)

Second prizes, given by Motus (France), Phonos (Spain), Musiques & Recherches (Belgium), Amee (Spanish association of electroacoustic music) and Espacio Cero (Colombia) : "Beastiary" by Jonty Harrison (UK), "Gates" by John Nichols (EU), "Respire, marche pars va-t-en" by Sophie Delafontaine (Switzerland), "Vox sum vitae" by Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal).

HOnorary mentions : "Toreutique" by Vanessa Sorce-Lévesque (Canada-France), "Sen no kioku" by Sato Ayako, (Japón), "Only voice" by Dominique Chevaucher (France), "Catachresis" by Xavier Bourassa (Canada), "Sitruuna Ja Meduusa" James Andean (UK). Nominated : "Esquisse d'un pulsion Blanche" Jules Wysocki (France),  "Klaviersamlung" by Hans Tutchku (Germany), "Spire IV" Cesare Saldicco (Italy), "Bridged on bach" by Daniel Dominguez Teruel (Spain), "La orilla secreta" by Mario Mary (Argentine-France), "Liturgie" by Carlos David Perales (Spain).

The Jury was integrated by Agostino DiScipio (Italy ), Barry Truax (Canada), Christian Eloy (France), Carlos Grätzer (Argentine), Ludger Brümmer (Germany), chair: Elsa Justel (Argentine-France).

We received 130 works of 21 countries. Were selected: "Electric Strings" Oliver Carman, "Les poulpes" Lucien Gaudion,  "Gignomai" Claudio Grabriel Eiriz, "Radio Activity" Alexander Derben, "Martin put that gun away" Alden Jenks,   "Diciembre 2001 "Desde el 9° piso" Sergio Santi,   "El principio de los principios" Eduardo Kacheli, "Cabras, grandes aves y gente electrica" Agustin Alvarez,  "Zhong" Claudia Robles, "Bau" Nicoló Terrasi, "Dynamique de l'enfance"  Guillaume Côté, "Después de la lluvia"  Jorge Sad, "Maror"  Jorge Sad "Liquid Strings and Pebble keys" Stijn Govaere, "Ningun puerto"    Hugo Druetta, "SubSoonus Supra"   Thomas Gerwin, "Three cities" Pete Stollery, "Far…" Madeleine Isaksson, "Thauma" Giulio Colangelo , "Movi-Mientos" Jana Kluge-Javier Alvarez, "Aeru Aurea" Victor Vallés Fornet,   "La dictée" Mathieu Marcoux, "Machin de machine" Francis Dhomont, "De la fenêtre" Roxanne Turcotte , "Simulacra" Joao Castro Pinto, "Replica" Marie Hélène Breault , "Paf Gravitas" Cédric Camier , "Invisible Jungle"Lin/ Kuei-Fan, "Mettalmiette" Guillaume Cliche, "Voiles vitres" Ariadna Alsina, "Trumpet player" Sebastian Peter, "Surrogata" Rodrigo Cádiz.