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ACT - The revue

ACT is the revue on-line of communication and exchange between the members of the artistic, scientific and technologic community. The revue is concerned with the diffusion of activities, publication of articles and news.

ACT is nourished by the contribution of the community actors themselves, whom will be interested to inform about their creations and researches.

ACT will be grateful of your collaboration. If you wish to make an announcement of your artistic event or to publish and article, you can send your proposition here.

ACT N° 6, Contents :

- Bienal 2 de composición e investigación - Córdoba - agosto 2012

- Red de Difusión Destellos

- Grabador de vídeo Dvico TViX pvr 2230

- "Ritmo y atención en la comunicación multimedia" por Aurelio Portillo

- Novedades en CD

- "The electromagnetically-prepared piano and its compositional implications" by Dr Per Bloland.