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During the months of April, May, June and July, will be held the Second Cycle of Acousmatic Music, organized by the Foundation Destellos in Mar del Plata. It will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art and will present works by composers from the group Destellos, prizewinners of the Anual Competition, the groupe Octandre from France, the Argentine Federation of Electroacoustic music (Farme) and pioneers of the genre.


Programa 12 de Abril


"Clip"   Griselda Labbate

"A.M à deux"  Luis Maria Serra

"monogamous"   Paul Husky 

"Débridement Gold"   David Arango Valencia

"Particulas mutantes"     Simon Perez

"Skyline"   Andrew Lewis


Programa 10 de Mayo


"El modo de existencia de los objetos técnicos" Franco Pellini 

"Also Sprache"  Jana Kluge-Elsa Justel

"Folie de Vincent"    Annette Vande Gorne

"Qué secreto quiebra ese canto"    Claudio Lluán

"Las babas del diablo"    Maria Costa *

"Wind 1000"    Ezequiel Esquenazi *


Programa 14 de Junio


"Armonias y soldaduras"  Nicolas Rodriguez

"L'abandon d'Andromaque"     Aline Chambras 

"165/min"    Ola Ziolkowska 

"Tanenawen"     Javier Ortiz             

"Ciudades inquiétantes"    Damian Gorandi

"Stock"     Miguel Garutti 

 "Suite liquida" (Preludio) Lautaro Vieyra


Programa 12 de Julio

" Pytã "     Evelyn Frosini 

"El sueño del héroe"  Sergio Santi

"Derivas de la memoria"    Gonzalo Biffarella

"Esporas"   Alejandro Brianza

“…acerca de interferencias, desintegraciones y dispersiones"

              Edgardo Martinez

 "Dinámica de lo impensado"   Jorge Sad 




XI° Destellos Competition 2018

The Destellos Foundation is pleased to announce the results of the Eleventh Contest of Electroacoustic Composition and Video-Music.


  • First Prize Acousmatic Category : "La machinerie d'un imaginaire" by Damian Gorandi.
  • First Prize Mixed media (Prize Fundación Encuentros) : "Morphallaxis" by Panayiotis Kokoras
  • First Prize ex æquo Visual Music : "D'ombre et d'équilibre" by Gaël Tissot and "tesseract" by Joao Pedro Oliveira
  • Second Prizes (Granted by Musiques et Recherches, Belgium; Motus, France; GRM, France; Fundación Phonos, Spain) : "Traces of Play" by Ambrose Seddon, "Dimensioni in crescendo" by Eduardo Palacio, "If (and only if) I am among" James O'Callaghan and "Foundry flux" by Adam Stanoviç.
  • Honorary Mentions: "Impacts of silence" by Damian Gorandi (mixta); Visual Music : "le départ" by Gonzalo Macias, "Eye of the Storm" by Matthew Grouse and  "The_Worlds_Finest" by Alex Derben
  • Nominations : "Dentata" de Lucas Felipe, "Err29-KB98712"  de John Paul Lempke,  "Between The Lines" de Mario Verandi, "Wind 1000" de Ezequiel Esquenazi


The jury was composed of Luis Naón (Argentine-France), José Manuel López López (Spain), Andrew Lewis (United Kingdom), Liao Lin-Ni (Taiwan). For the video-music category: Dennis Miller (EU) and Daniel Dominguez Teruel (Spain).

The preselection was in charge of Roger Cochini (France) and Joris De Laet (Belgium). The Destellos Foundation appreciates the valuable collaboration of all of them and the organizations that contribute with various awards.


There were 113 participating works from France, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, United States, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, England, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, China, Belgium, Korea, Russia, resulting preselected:

Accusmatic category:

"Night_study_3" by Felipe Otondo

"petit carnet by voyage d'un écureuil au nez curieux" by Nicolas Marty

"Fuelle X" de Nahuel Litwin

"CAGE, el despertar de la mente que busca el camino" by Ricardo de Armas

"KAMI by Estelle Schorpp

"Halocline" by Armand Lesecq

"Promenade-2" by Gilles Gobeil

"Dentro de la caverna, al final una pequeña luz" by Janathan Corzo

"and-the-surrounding-area" by Chapman Welsh

"Haute Cour" by Gabriel Poulard

"Le_corps_contraint"  Benoit Bories

"fluxus_pas_haut" by Jaime Reis

"HUSK" by Zachary Thomas

"I scream at the wind" by Matthew Grouse

"KRIT" by Clemens von Reusner

"anticlinal 49 55"_ by Leo Magnien

"El_sueño_del_Héroe" by Sergio Santi

"laps" by Regis Renouard Larrivière

"Hundreds-of-milliseconds"  by Alejandro Albornoz 

"Ariel recouvrant la liberté" by Christoph Lambert

"Machine in the Shell"  by Julian Hoff

"Portals" by Natasha Barrett

"LejosDeNuestrosCantos" by José Miguel Candela

"Saluhall" by Aldan Deery

"Tristeza de un doble A não tem fim" by Pablo Szapiro

"Maelstrom" by Stephane Roy

"Exhale" by Jeff Morris

"Pressions—Abysses'" by Hugo Tremblay

'Reminiscences' by Pacheco Levy

"The suspended days" by Francesco Marchionna

"stranger at the door" by Qing Qing Teng

"Croquis électronique au bord d'un terrain vague" by Nicolas Nuyens

"Sensacion termica" Hugo Druetta

"Requiem for a city" by Todo Todoroff

"Desagregaciones" by Federico Grinbank

"Arid Flow" by Jason Bolte

"vanishing points" by Elizabeth Hoffman

"Galumphing" by Franco Pellini

"Ville_Aux_Cent_Clochers" by David Ledoux

"Zone" by Mathieu Marcoux

"jicamo 2.0" Federico Ortica

"sintro" by Stainislav Makovskly

"LaCaverne" by Kevin Gironnay

"Of the bat" by Pete Stollery

"Encuentro al viento final"  by Nicolas Rodriguez

"Hiancia" by Jorge Sad

"Molly" by Pierre Audoynaud

"Gris souris"  by Sophie Delafontaine

Category Mixed media:

"LokaleOrbits_Trio1" by Daniel Mayer

"ephemeris" by Luciano Giambastiani

"RUMORI" by Juan Fernandez

"el deseo" by Emanuel Romero

"Transparencias" by Eduardo Kacheli

"La orilla secreta" by Mario Mary

Video Music:

"Il sentiero (The Path)" by Daniela Diurisi

"Muldumarec 2.0" by Julie Mansion Vaquié

"B4ch1007" by Jeff Morris

"Infinito" by Ivan Gutierrez Cachullani

"Velocidad de traslacion de la Tierra"  by Javier Ortiz

"RESONANCE" by Jana Kluge





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