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CD New CD Resonancias Destellos - CMMAS Prix des Concours 2008 - 2013

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Andrew Lewis


Giulio Colangelo

SUENA ASI is a cycle of acousmatic concerts and video music, which will take place on 4 May, 8 June and 1 July, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mar del Plata, Argentina, with a program composed of works of the Prize Destellos, members of Octandre and the Destellos Foundation.
The program of the Concert 1 is integrated of works by: Cyril Gourvat, Daniel Dominguez Teruel, Simón Pérez, Maria Costa, Elsa Justel and Damian Gorandi.

Suena Asi

Concert 2


Concert 3


Concert 4


"Imagen & Resonancia IV"

Ciclo de video música electroacústica 2016


27 de Mayo - PROGRAMA

"De calle" Gonzalo Macías (México)

"Sans Souci" Alexander Derben (Alemania)

"APhar" Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal)

"Al trasluz" Patricia Martinez (Argentina)

"The daily news" Jana Kluge (Alemania)

"Céfiro" Demian Rudel Rey (Argentina)

"Trois regards sur Bacome" Blas Payri (España)

"A 7 kilómetros de acá" Ricardo de Armas/Nicolás Testoni (Argentina)

20 de Julio - PROGRAMA




X° Destellos Competition 2017


The Foundation Destellos is pleased to announce the results of the X Competition for electroacoustic composition and video music.


  • First Prize acousmatic : Skyline by Andrew Lewis
  • First Prize mixed media: Forbidden Soundscapes [Narcissus’s Nausea] by Giulio Colangelo
  • Second prizes : Three Spaces in Mid-Air (acusmatic) by John Young,Theophilus (Mixed media) by Demian Rudel Rey, Deep Blue (Mixed) by Guillermo Lauzurica, Kibuyu by Daniel Blinkhorn (acusmatic)
  • Mentions : Tunnel Azur by Robert Normandeau, Dreieckige Beziehungen by Pei-Yu-Shi, SCREE by Fred Szymanski
  • Were nominated : Acusmascratch by Damian Gorandi, Dinámica de lo impensado by Jorge Sad,OpaqueFragments by Marc Parazon
  • In the Video music category, no prizes were awarded.
  • Honorary mentions: "Debridement Gold" by David Arango Valencia and "Tanenawen" by Javier Ortiz.


The jury was integrated by Regis Renouard-Larrivière (France), Annette Vande Gorne (Belgium), Roeland Luyten (Belgium), Dante Grela (Argentine) and Nikos Stavropoulos (Greece). for acusmatic and mixed média catégories and Chikashi Miyama (Japan), Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal) and Claudia Robles (Colombia), for Vidéo musique.


There were 115 works from: Greece, Argentine, Australia, Austria, United States, Canada, England, France, Spain, Germany, Filipinas, Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, Iran, Sweden, been selected:



Snap Happy de Manuella Blackburn

Rec-Order de Mariano Piñero

Futbol by Alejandro Brianza

Terrains Vagues by Sophie Périard

Jusqu'à l'éveil by Isabelle Nesme

Escapando por la tangente by Fernando Curiel

Definierte Lastbedingung by Clemens von Reusner

The Dockyard by Dennis Reyes

OASIS_by Estelle Schorpp

UneDesChambresNAuraitPresquePasDeFenetre by Nicolas Marty

In_surge by Robert Seaback

Santa Barbara Portraits by Pietro Dossena

Sen_ni_tamayui by Ayako Sato

Psygeio by James Andean

Raumklang_by Sibylle Pomorin

Irides by Aki Pasoulas

Echoss by Diego Ratto

LUCID by Aldo Omar Hernandez Lombera

Palingénésie by Julie Mansion Vaquié

Espacio común by Hugo Duetta

Inam by Adam Stanoviç

J'arrive by Lisandro Barbato

Still Life by Cesare Saldicco

Skrapa by Zuriñe Gerenabarrena

Desir-Inassouvi by Sina Fallahzadeh

MusicThatMoneyCanBuy by Simone Conforti

The Power of Sound by Jens Hedman

La mitad no visible by Maria Costa

SINTROPÍA by Griseldda Labbate

Samoa by Evelyn Frosini

El vertigo de eros by Damian Gorandi


Rex by Ezequiel Esquenazi

Ripple by Nicolas Brochec

Potocsi by Daniel Arango

Superstrings by Panayiotis Kokoras

Seven spaces of éther by Theodor Lotis

LUCID by Aldo Omar Hernandez Lombera

Sobre_la_cuerda_floja by Marcelo Zanardo

Las orillas son otras by Nicolas Rodriguez

Scene III – for guqin and electronics by Pei-Yu Shi

Transfer by Nicolas Bernier

shine by Sungji Hong

Spire_V by Cesare Saldicco

La-bas_ici by Ana Dall Ara Majek

Methekton by Vicente Gomez Pons

La guitarra de Macedonio  by Jorge Sad

Rec-Order by Mariano Piñero

Video music :

Ebloki by Orestis Karamanlis

Esporas by Alejandro Brianza

realization.pnj_#1_by Roland Breitenfeld

The Light-House by Pietro Dossena

Lickspittle by Clovis McEvoy

à peine perdue by Raphael Mouterde

Cercles AV by Fredy Vallejos

Scene2-Mov1 by Pei-Yu Shi

Opus III – by Antonio D'Amato

Naica by Samuel Béland

Image Scope by Massimo Carlentini

Che-toi by Demian Rudel Rey

The_Dreaming_Jewels by Alain Lithaud



The Foundation is thankful for the selfless collaboration of the members of the Grand Jury and congratulates to all the prizewinners. It also appreciates to all participants for their interest in the competition.




Foundation Destellos is a non-profit organization devote to promote and develop contemporary arts in its relation with sciences and technologies. If you find that the project is interesting, you can contribute with a donation that will help to develop our activities. Thank you for your collaboration.