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Rocío Cano Valiño


Bihe Wen


SUENA ASI is a cycle of acousmatic concerts and video music, which will takes place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mar del Plata, Argentina,during the months of april, may, june and july, with a program composed of works of the Prize Destellos, members of the foundation, the groupe Octandre of France, de Competition Petites Formes and the members of the Argetine Federation of Electroacoustic music.


Program July 18th

"Como un mar de hierro" - Daniel Schachter

"Fronteras del otro" - Lautaro Vieyra

"Lobo Suelto" (*)- Alejandro Brianza

"Hiancia IV" - Jorge Sad

"La machinerie de l'imaginaire" - Damian Gorandi

"El mono de la tinta" - Alessandro Perini

"Anagrama" - Evelyn Frosini

"L'invisible se voit..." - Maria Costa


(*) Body expressionl : Mariana Mazarino, Patricia Méndez, Micaela García, Daniel Ceci,


XII° Destellos Competition 2019



The Destellos Foundation is pleased to announce the results of the Twelfth Contest of Electroacoustic Composition and Video-Music.


First Prize Acousmatic Category : "Astérion" by Rocio Cano Valiño


First Prize Mixed media : "Alchemy" by Bihe Wen


Second Prizes, category acousmatic, (Granted by Musiques et Recherches, Belgium; Motus, France; GRM, France; Fundación Phonos, Spain) :  "gotham  by Adrian Borza, "Un Cycle de la Hie" by Raphael Panis, "holows and rounds" by David Hindmarch, "Solitudine" de Simone Castellan


Honorary Mentions:"Pied_De_Vent" by David Arango Valencia (A), "Eros ó El Encuentro Causal" by Eduardo Kacheli (A),"MAR" by José Halac (A),  "Eyes_Draw_Circles_of_Light" by Giannini Nicola (A),"Misprints" by David Nguyen (A),"Cohærere" by Diego Ratto (A), "xeno" by James O'Callaghan (M)," Behind the Back"  by Timothy Roy (M), "Cinemagic" de Ma Shihua (VM), "The sunken Island" by Inés Wickmann-Francis Dhomont (VM), "Stones" by Simone Castellan (VM),

"Dialogues" by Oliver Carman- Mark Pilkington (VM)


Nominations : "Ferum" by Phivos-Angelos Kollias, "Pop music" by Caleb Westby, "Lo invariable del viento" by Matias Sanchez, " A las gárgaras las carga el diablo" by Nahuel Eduardo Litwin, "Man made nature" by Shen Lin, "for-rising" by Paul Hauptmeter, "Nada que decir" by Hugo Druetta, "SolarWinds" by Elizabeth Anderson-Alex Derben (VM), "Etude aux objets mixtes - bruit 1" by Gregoire Terrier (VM)


The jury was composed of Zhang Xiao Fu (China), Jorge Sad (Argentine), Giulio Colangelo (Italy), Jon Nelson and Mara Helmuth (United States).

The preselection was in charge of Adam Stanoviç (England), Damian Gorandi y Jorge Sad (Argentine).


The Destellos Foundation appreciates the valuable collaboration of all of them and the organizations that contribute with various awards.


There were 123 participating works from France, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, United States, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, England, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, China, Belgium, Korea, Russia, resulting preselected:

"HornVolley" by Fred Szymanski, "Landline" de Manuela Balckburn, "lands Of Gravity" de Pom Bouvier, "Pajaros plateados" de Fernando Curiel, "Electro Santouri" de Epa Fassianos, "I Said Top Top" de Michael Abbott, "Cingeto Final" de Jacopo Ceni ,

"Genesi Astratta" de Mateo Tundo, "Buchla Piece 1-2-3" de Eric Chasalow,

"SCIE LUMINOSISSIME" de Giuseppe Pisano,"Moments Of LibertyIII_Standing Without" de Dimitrios Savva, "Le Reve de ManekiNeko" by Estelle Shorpp,

"Dans_l'air_du_soir-hommage_a_Debussy" by GIlles Gobeil,"Urban Study" de Ricardo Atienza, "Play_sequence" de Clemens von Reusner, "Polvere nera" de Nicola Fumo Frattegiani, "Prima_ipotesi_sul_reale" de Simonluca Laitempergher, "Valdrada"_by James Andean, "3oha" by Marin Escande, "Valiha" by Daniel Blinkhorn, "Korugla" de Hector Bravo Benard, "Textonics"_de Erik Nystrom, "N5 Studies on electronotation"  de Christian Dimpker, "Petit_prélude_parallèle"_by Jonty Harrison, "Isole" de Manfredi Clemente,

"Cer" de Gerald Ecker, "Night escape" de Brona Martin, "Poustinia_Variation_4a" de Michael Gogins, "Endriago" by Demian Rudel Rey, "Se rompen los espejos" by Mirtru Escalona Mijares, "Extensio Warm Up" by Martin Bedard, "Pájaro Búho" by Ana Gonzalez, "With!" by JP.Lempke, "Pink elephant in a room" by Francisco Uberto,






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